3 Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

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Gentlemen, Antonio here. Today I’m going to talk about male baldness specifically hair loss treatment for men.

I’m going to give you guys three tips on how you can deal with this situation. At the end of this video, I’m going to go into a story.

I’ve got a friend here in the office and at the age of 23 he started dealing with thinning hair, his hair started falling out, he dealt with male baldness and he has actually created a company which I think is pretty darn cool. You guys know I love entrepreneurs so I’m happy to share his story.

But me personally, my brother, Steve, my younger brother, Tom. Both of them in their early 20s as well have dealt with hair loss, my father’s lost… I don’t know how I seem to have hair on my head.

When I’m looking around my family seems like everyone is losing it. And I have talked about over at Real Men Real Style in the Science of Style, the most attractive, it’s best to have a full head of hair if you want to be attractive.

And after that is not thinning hair. Now, thinning hair is way over here. It is perceived as the least attractive — actually, it is better to be bald. But I realize not everyone wants to shave their heads.

A lot of guys say “Antonio, I’m just starting to lose my hair” or “I’m thinning out in spots”, so how can I deal with this because I don’t want to shave my head; I would rather go back towards having a full head of hair. And with that, guys, let’s get into it.

#1 Hair Transplants

So, Tip No. 1 is have hair transplants. We’re talking $10,000 per treatment and possibly every other year depending on how much hair loss you’re having, you’re going to probably want to go into a doctor. This is not something covered by insurance and it is something that when you go into these places it is painful.

But basically they’re going into the back of your head here, they’re basically grafting it right up here on the front and you have to sometimes do this multiple times so you can see how the cost goes up. However, if you have completely lost all that hair or if this is the only option for you it may be an option you want to explore.

#2 Use Clinically Proven Hair Loss Prevention Drugs

Hair Loss Tip No. 2: Use a drug that has clinically been proven to actually have results. Propecia is one that I’ve seen studies on that it actually works when you start to lose your hair. It’s not going to help the hair grow back; what it’s going to do is to stop the hair from falling out. Very important, if you can catch this at an early point. But here’s the deal, it’s expensive. We’re talking $75 to $100 a month, although it’s relative.

I mean for you to be able to retain and to have a full head of hair this may be something you want to explore. But understand that you’re introducing drugs in your body, it can sometimes take up to six months to have an effect if it has an effect, it doesn’t work for every man.

So it could be something you’re using this drug and all of a sudden you realize after six months it’s not having any effect and you’ve kind of thrown your money. But it’s one of those deals if it’s worth it to you, you may want to explore this option.

#3 Use A Microfiber In Your Hair

Hair Loss Tip No. 3: Use a microfiber in your hair to cover up thinning spots. Now, understand that this isn’t going to help your hair grow back. But if you are just dealing with thinning hair and maybe you’ve had a graft or you’ve had some type of surgery up here and you’re not completely bald, you have basically hair that when you sprinkle this on, it can actually attach to, this may actually solve your issues.

My friend, Josh, flew out from Los Angeles because he started this company, Hudson & Mane, you can check them out right here. Use code RMRS, you’re going to get a sweet discount when you subscribe. But I can tell you guys, this is the real deal. I made him fly out here and I said, “Josh, I need to see this in person”. So check out this video and it’s going to blow you guys away.

Hey guys, I’ve got Josh here. Thank you, Josh, for coming out from Los Angeles. I really appreciate it.

Josh: Thank you very much for having me.

Antonio: Yeah, and great hair, by the way. Looks good.

Josh: Thank you.

Antonio: Did you guys see that video? Isn’t that frigging amazing?

So I didn’t believe it until I saw it in person so thank you again for coming out. But how did you even get it, I mean, how did you help create Hudson & Mane? Tell me a little bit about the backstory.

Josh: I’ve always been a pretty self-conscious type of guy. Even in high school I was that guy playing soccer and when we played shirts and skins I was that guy that was dreading, okay, I have to be skin. As I got into my early 20s and started losing my hair I began to lose confidence, I got insecure.

Antonio: In 23, that’s about the age but…

Josh: Yup, 22 or 23 I started losing my hair line and so I was very insecure. And I thought to myself, “Man, this kind of stinks. It’s devastating as a single guy.”

Antonio: When did you have surgery? Point No. 1 I talked about is hair transplant and Josh has gone through that.

Josh: I had my surgery when I was about 22 or 23. It was a very painful process. The actual process takes about a couple weeks to heal and they cut a part of your scalp in the back. And so when they sew you up you got a lot of aching going on for a couple of weeks.

Antonio: Sounds like fun, right, guys?

Josh: When I did my hair transplant the doctor would always say to me, “Hey, we’ve got these other products that you should probably try out and continue using.” At the time it was still fairly new, this Hair Fiber. But I just spent $10,000 on this hair transplant so now this doctor is asking me to pay more money for this Hair Fiber which at the time was very expensive and not well known. He told me a bunch of celebrities use it.

Antonio: Now, celebrities use this and we were talking about the story because they’re under these harsh lights. And if you’re a comedian, if you are under the camera, basically they’re going to see the reflection of your head. So that’s where this microfiber came out of is these guys basically need to look like they have a full head of hair and be able to cover these bright lights and have confidence when they’re out there on stage.

Josh: Exactly. Fast forward a couple years I started to lose bits and pieces of my crown and I was in need of another hair transplant. I didn’t want to do that again. So I started researching and seeing what was out there and I noticed that the hair fibers are becoming to be a little bit more popular. So here I am, let me think of a way to create my own solution to the problem. And so I helped launched Hudson & Mane.

Antonio: You guys know I love entrepreneurs, so again, I’m going to link to them right here. Go check out this company, we’ve got the code RMRS which if you’ll use it you’re going to get a great discount when you subscribe. For a lot of guys they maybe never have even considered this. Can you talk about how it has helped you?

Josh: I’ll never forget the first time I ever showed it off to my best friends. I was sitting in their apartment, we’re about to go out for a night in Santa Monica. I got all dressed up and walked down the steps and my friend, Stacy, looks at me and she says, “What did you do?” And I kind of just sat there and after ten minutes she said, “Your hair”. And she’s like “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing.”

Antonio: So that’s a good transition. Let’s talk about application. There are three simple steps because you want to keep this simple. You can do this in about a minute if you’ve got your mirrors, maybe two minutes if you’re on the road. Simply sprinkle it in, step No. 1, then you’ve got the hold spray which you apply and hold it in place, and in step 3, at the end of your day, shower, wash it out.

How messy is this?

Josh: How messy is it was something I was afraid of when I started using it myself. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that even when you go to the gym, I thought “Oh man, this is going to run while I’m on the treadmill” — and it doesn’t. It stays right in place. When you’re sleeping on a pillow or sleeping over at a friend’s house or on the couch, is it going to get all over the furniture — it doesn’t, it stays right in place.

You do feel very naked without it, you get addicted to it, it’s my obsession now. It’s almost like brushing your teeth. You do it every single day, you get in a habit and you can’t live without it.

Antonio: Yeah. And I love your company’s approach to this is coming at a very fair price and basically that’s the whole thing with the subscription. A guy doesn’t have to worry if he’s got 22 grams which is more than plenty for 30 days. Basically every 30 days you can get one of these delivered so you never run out.

Josh: Right. And we do have a money back guarantee as well. I don’t think anybody’s going to want to get off of it. I love it and I don’t see how any other guy, I’m kind of a big advocate, I’m not embarrassed about it and it’s awesome.

Antonio: All right, guys. I’m going to link to them down in the Comments below. This is a real company, this is a guy I’ve known for years. And I’m just happy to bring this company because I know so many of you guys have asked me about how can I deal with the solution. Go check out the support articles as well, I’m going to link to that below and I’m going to go into more details about my other solutions and things like that. But otherwise guys, I’ll see you in the next video. Take care.

Go check out the support articles as well, I’m going to link to that below and I’m going to go into more details about my other solutions and things like that. But otherwise guys, I’ll see you in the next video. Take care.

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